venerdì 25 novembre 2011

2011: The Loud Notes' Lost Tapes II

Let's continue with the second selection of Lost Tapes (here you can find the presentation of the trip and the first selection), to get a little bit deeper inside this angry 2011, clean it from the ashes left on the ground and put some benzine in the fire of rock'n'roll! Wishing you a very hot winter, healthy conflicts and relieving victories! Keep calm and take some more streets!
Here are the tapes: as usual, in an absolute random order. Let's dance!

Wilco - Art Of Almost
from The Whole Love (dBpm)

Left Lane Cruiser - Black Lung
from Junkyard Speed Ball (Alive Records)

Tv Ghost - Sleep Composite
from Mass Dream (In The Red)

Iron & Wine - Rabbit Will Run
from Kiss Each Other Clean (4AD)

Black Lips - Raw Meat
from Arabia Mountain (Vice)

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